As a competent partner for the product development and industrialization process, we understand our Center of Competence technical planning / engineering.

Beginning with the worldwide purchasing consultancy, we take over your complete project scope and assemblies or support you purposefully in the respective subareas, if, e.g. That's why your suppliers are in the lead, or in the individual subsections on your behalf worldwide to carry out the inspections, to check the dates, or to ensure the quality.

 Benefit from our technical problem solvers, as well as the very high level of experience of our experts in the processing of your projects to the SOP, or even beyond.







Project Management & Planning

Partial or series planning as well as the project management of complete tooling includes the service portfolio of Tryout Solutions GmbH in the area of ​​project management and planning.

This as a service as well as a contract for work or as an employee leasing agreement.

First-class specialist knowledge as well as a world-wide gained practical experience of our coworkers is thereby the authority, with which our enterprise approaches the set tasks in close partnership with the client.

The Tryout Solutions team takes over the management of z. For example, projects up to fifty tool sets. The customer nominates his suppliers, our team gets involved with the project Kick Off. We carry out the methods or the design acceptance, schedule the appointments and monitor the budget. Our employees look after the suppliers during manufacture, check the first part deliveries and remove the tools from the supplier. The completion of our service is the coordination of the training as well as the transfer of the tools to the operator press shop.

Due to the long-term commitment of our planners, project managers or project managers, the clients receive, in addition to the know-how of the internal team, the externally obtained worldwide experience from similar projects. And it can be covered in planning-intensive times possible capacity peaks.








Contact: Thomas Kleiner