Advantage through Additive Manufacturing

Our second workshop on additive manufacturing, which took place in Mömbris on 21.03.2019, was a great success. Our guests have learned more about the many possibilities that they could have with additive manufacturing.

Guests had the opportunity to see and touch some of the parts printed by our MJF printer. This allowed them to better assess the stability and precision of various parts such as gauges, grippers, ball bearing cage and more.

The presentations by Additive Innovation and Tryout Solutions basically explained the engineering of the production process, how your business would benefit, and gave many examples of where and when this type of production is beneficial.

HP presented information that enabled the guest to better understand the machine itself and its capabilities.

The final presentation of the day was held by Core Technology, which provides knowledge about the 3D Evolution and 4D Partfinders. They explained more about their software and how it works by converting data, editing and texturing CAD models.

At the end of the workshop, guests were invited to take a closer look at the press during printing to gain a better understanding of the process. So far we have received a lot of feedback from many impressed guests.

The workshop is free and hopefully your company will be able to attend our next workshop. Follow our social media pages to stay up to date on the next workshop.