Advantage through Additive Manufacturing

Workshop Mömbris 05.12.2018

New options with additive manufacturing, parts with any design efficient and of high quality, even in small batches!

This was the main topic of our workshop, which took place on 05.12.2018 in Mömbris. The workshop titled "Vorsprung durch additive Fertigung" was led by Tryout Solutions GmbH, CT Core Technologie GmbH, Additive Innovation GmbH and Hewlett-Packard and visited by 30 customers and business partners.
The aim of the event was to inform our customers about the process and the possibilities of additive manufacturing.

At 10 o'clock, Mr. M. Knaak from Additive Innovation kicked off the day with an introduction by explaining in detail the difference between 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing. He also showed application examples, such as series parts, equipment, measuring and test gauges as well as handling parts from automation technology.

Afterwards, Bastian Weimar, the channel manager of HP 3D Printing, talked about the HP Jet Fusion 3D printer, its features, and its benefits. He also explained in detail how the printing process works and which raw materials can be processed with this machine. He answered the question of what 3D printing is, where and when it can be used to advantage, and why it should be used to make certain parts.

After the lunch break, Laurent Hartmann, Product Manager Additive Manufacturing at CT Core Technology, gave a presentation on the various software systems that assist in the verification and efficient implementation of 3D parts.

At the end of the workshop, the visitors were invited to the production room where they could experience the additive manufacturing of various plastic parts live.

Could this new technology be a catalyst for the fourth industrial revolution? We're working on it because it enables us to make the production and manufacturing process much more efficient.
Our customers and business partners have the opportunity to optimize their product development and component production much more flexibly, faster and more spontaneously with greatly reduced costs.