3D Printing vs. Additive Manufacturing


We see ourselves as a process partner and solution finder for your projects. We will show you on which components additive manufacturing makes sense and together with you develop the appropriate solutions to optimally use the process.


Starting with the engineering, the development and the construction of the components, we support our customers. Not only are components simply printed, they are also examined in advance and optimized in a case-by-case sense for additive manufacturing.


In our process, powder-based coatings, layers with a layer height of 0.08 mm, in a construction space of 380 mm x 284 mm x 380 mm, are fused together.

As a result, your components not only have high accuracy and resolution, but also a very homogeneous microstructure, with very good mechanical properties.


Use this new technology for plastic parts in injection molding quality, in the areas of automotive, mechanical engineering, medical and electrical engineering and aftersales.

For quality assurance in your production, we are also happy to develop measuring or test gauges as well as corresponding test templates and production aids!


You do not need a data record for this, we have the possibility to create a data record from one of your existing components in order to manufacture it. In this way we can produce your spare parts for which there are no more data. (for example vintage car)


You are interested and need further information?


Do not hesitate to contact us or send us a dataset for which we can produce your first sample: